Jobs & Internships

February 13, 2018

♦ Working in the Rotterdam Art Scene ♦

Are you looking for a part-time job or internship? Do you want to work in the Art Industry? Rotterdam’s art scene has boomed immensely in the past few years, due to the cities creative, urban and entrepreneurial mindset. The city hosts more than 50 galleries and museums making it the perfect place for any student to start their career in the art world.

We know how hard and overwhelming it can to be to find these opportunities, especially if you are an international student who does not speak Dutch. Therefore, in partnership with many of the galleries and museums in town we created this business platform – making it easier than ever to find and apply for available positions.

Note: We do not act as a middle man and do not pre-assess candidates. We will forward your applications to the galleries/museums directly! 🙂

♦ Available Positions ♦

Interns wanted!

Looking for: an intern for at least 3 months, preferably 3–4 days starting from September/October onwards.

Job description: work in a small team, will be trained in all the different facets that are part of the gallery. Tasks vary from communications (writing press releases, public relations, social media), helping curating and setting up the exhibitions, researching (new) artists and opportunities, preparing and working during art fairs and events.

For more information & How to apply click here.