In Focus: Anouk Teulings

The next artist showcasing her art at our exhibition is Anouk Telings. Originally from France, she now studies Art and Culture at Erasmus. From a young age on, she enjoyed drawing and painting, which she later integrated in her studies and developed as a passion. On an educational level, she was first confronted with her[…]

In Focus: Paul Kunnil

Up next in the presentation of our own beloved artists is Paul Kunnil. Paul originally comes from a city in the south of India, yet spent his childhood in Dubai, where he started taking his very first photographs. Paul’s first experience with photography was roughly at the age of 12. His uncle had a camera lying around, which looked intriguing. Paul took the opportunity to get to know[…]

In Focus: Monika Łucja Mońko

In this week’s blog, one of our very own student artists is featured: Monika. Originally, this artist comes from a seaside city in Poland: Gdynia. Besides working on art pieces for the SAA exhibition in May, currently, she is working at a project management and print-oriented position. Monika already started artistically, at a remarkable age[…]

In Focus: William Wyn Roberts

  William Wyn Roberts; a half French, half Welsh photographer. Currently studying IBA at our university, this 20-year old is an upcoming talent in the photography world. His passion for photography began four years ago in Australia. When being on an exchange in Australia he felt completely blown out by the landscape. The inspiration started when seeing different[…]

In Focus: Julie Attallah

          Julie Attallah; a student photographer with a remarkable eye for technique and perspective. Originally from a small town close to Paris, Marly-Le-Roi, she has always worked with an international orientation due to her mixed origins. She received her first camera at the age of 5, yet her true passion for photography developed[…]

In Focus : Erik de Groot

            Erik de Groot, he is both the juvenile absorption and the renaissance lost. He is the lone boy with the spindling toy, the wrapped-up package left under the Christmas tree. He is the anonymous attraction, singing songs into a broken microphone, he screams into a forest filled valley and[…]

In Focus : Machmud Saebu

“Woken up by my neighbour, shaken out of my state of mindlessness; I had seen visions of ghosts, I was in a dire place. It was my darkest moment, but in that moment I had found glory, and I believe one day all of us will find glory; you will know when it comes as it will mark your memory and it will be[…]

In Focus : Milan Tilder

Milan’s gentle, blue-grey eyes envelop you in a safeness that is welcoming and hopeful. The community at the gallery, comprised of ex drug-addicts, refugees and the homeless feel it too. They go to him for help and guidance, seeking shelter through creative expression, offered to them by Via Kunst, the gallery run by Milan. Located[…]