In Focus: Anouk Teulings

The next artist showcasing her art at our exhibition is Anouk Telings. Originally from France, she now studies Art and Culture at Erasmus. From a young age on, she enjoyed drawing and painting, which she later integrated in her studies and developed as a passion.

On an educational level, she was first confronted with her artistic passion by studying Fine Arts in Toulouse. She decided to continue developing her academic skills at Erasmus, where she, as told by herself, “gets to understand the art scene in a much broader sense”. Next to the theoretical side of things, painting is of true excitement to Anouk. As a broader theme, she looks at women and tries to incorporate watercolour techniques to portray this.

Even though she rarely starts with the idea to create something specific, she aims at presenting her true enjoyment throughout her pieces. Her message varies from piece to piece, yet it usually revolves around peace of mind and women’s life. Her art should be described as something diverse; one day she can be inspired by Agnes Cecile and Klimt, and the next day by completely other artists such as Van Gogh and Jorja Smith.

In the exhibition coming up in a couple of days, we are highly excited to show everyone how Anouk works with the theme of perspective, and how her amusement and passion for arts can be integrated in her work.

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