In Focus: Paul Kunnil

Up next in the presentation of our own beloved artists is Paul Kunnil. Paul originally comes from a city in the south of India, yet spent his childhood in Dubai, where he started taking his very first photographs.

Paul’s first experience with photography was roughly at the age of 12. His uncle had a camera lying around, which looked intriguing. Paul took the opportunity to get to know this technology, capturing a variety of photos. Soon after, his uncle realised there were pictures on his camera, not taken by him. He took the time to show Paul how to use the camera, and for a couple of hours the two were experimenting. Ever since, his photographs are based by everyday life and motion. Slow shutter speed photography inspired him to further develop his photography. 

Whereas he is still trying to develop a specific message, his art does mainly focus on street photography. It captures people in an undisturbed state with purely natural reactions. Together with this theme, Paul embraces intuition. His favourite piece, winter bloom, was captured during New Years in Amsterdam. The idea of capturing this just came to mind on the spot, which is one of the most essential parts of photography according to Paul.

He believes his uncle taught him the basic concepts and the constructive side of photography: a side that shows results. Now, he is experimenting with a more impulsive side. In our exhibition he will show a variety of perspectives, focusing on infinite possibilities of a Spectrum. Therefore, stay tuned, and visit the exhibition to learn more about Paul’s brilliant art! 








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