In Focus: Monika Łucja Mońko

In this week’s blog, one of our very own student artists is featured: Monika. Originally, this artist comes from a seaside city in Poland: Gdynia. Besides working on art pieces for the SAA exhibition in May, currently, she is working at a project management and print-oriented position.

Monika already started artistically, at a remarkable age of 4; most likely inspired by cartoons she enjoyed at the time. She was captivated by designing new characters for the shows she enjoyed most. In fact, this later developed into experimentation with figure drawing and doodling animals; something she is currently busy with. Yet, her personal projects are, as she describes them herself, “not necessarily about designated specific topics, but more about reflecting emotions”. Regarding the theme of our very own exhibition: spectrum, her art conveys the message that art conveys a spectrum of feelings, thoughts and associations. Art is understood in multiple ways. Whether her favourite piece will be shown at the exhibition will remain a question, as she is highly critical of herself, changing her mind constantly about what her favourite would be.

The artists who inspired her along her journey to where she is now, are mainly Gustav Klimt and Alfons Mucha. These artists set great examples of how to paint, create compositions and work with colours and soft figures. Nowadays, amongst young Instragram artists, she is intrigued by an artist closer to home: Patrycja Podkoscielny, also originally from Gdynia. Having finished a bachelor’s degree in graphic design allowed this young artist to learn the academics and specific aspects around arts. She is now looking forward for even more learning and self-improvement without the need of further academics.

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