In Focus: William Wyn Roberts


William Wyn Roberts; a half French, half Welsh photographer. Currently studying IBA at our university, this 20-year old is an upcoming talent in the photography world.

His passion for photography began four years ago in Australia. When being on an exchange in Australia he felt completely blown out by the landscape. The inspiration started when seeing different types of impressive camera’s from his pen friend’s father. As these were not available to him quite yet, he started out simple: using his iPhone camera. He enjoyed capturing the landscape through his own perspective, and specifically how he viewed these environments. Later that year he received his first official camera.

His passion for photography roots in the ability to share what he sees around him. “Many people do not take the time to go out and enjoy what is around them. I want to show them the beauty that is out there, and specifically through my own lens and desire.” Currently, he is working on developing his own style, yet his aim revolves around showing usual settings through an extraordinary perspective. A great example is a photograph he took in New York. On a boat trip on the river, most people were fascinated by the skyscrapers. Instead, William focused on a flag on the boat, with the skyscrapers captured on the background. His vision reflects something new and intriguing; not the ordinary.

With regards to the art scene of Rotterdam, he is captivated by the contrast between new and old. He attempts to find unique spots where this contrast is most vividly portrayed. What he hopes to find more is an open communication with other photographers. He enjoys learning and sharing with others, and embraces such a community. Therefore, he hopes to acquire the necessary knowledge throughout his studies to set up his own brand. Currently looking for internships and other creative experiences, he aims to achieve the right skill set to act upon his dream.

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