In Focus: Julie Attallah




Julie Attallah; a student photographer with a remarkable eye for technique and perspective. Originally from a small town close to Paris, Marly-Le-Roi, she has always worked with an international orientation due to her mixed origins. She received her first camera at the age of 5, yet her true passion for photography developed in her early teenager years. The theme throughout her art is her own expression and journey of life. To do so, she gets inspired by artists such as Rodney Smith; focused on spontaneity and feelings.

What is inspiring about this young student artist is her passion for observation. She notices the smallest details of the world around her – including what socks people wear – forming the true inspiration for her work. To her, photography is a way of escaping and healing; she can truly be in her own bubble. She mainly develops this observational skill through studying people’s emotions and expressions. As she said herself: “facial expressions and the eyes can say a lot about how you feel and can make you feel closer to a person by one stare”. The way she approaches this genre is by visiting streets at their least busy times. People then take the time to look around, and express their emotions to these places more.

But what about her new home town? Rotterdam can be expressed by the city ‘rushed’ life style and its architecture. What stands out in Julie’s art, is that she is able to capture the exact opposite of this idea. She creates a new perspective of our city by taking night strolls, capturing the calmer parts of the day. The architecture, mix of lights and people making their way home is one of these extraodinary observations that not many people would focus on.

Currently, she is trying to pursue this passion throughout her studies. Following a double degree between Erasmus University Rotterdam and art school Willem de Kooning, she gets access to develop her own personal projects.

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