In Focus : Milan Tilder


Milan’s gentle, blue-grey eyes envelop you in a safeness that is welcoming and hopeful. The community at the gallery, comprised of ex drug-addicts, refugees and the homeless feel it too. They go to him for help and guidance, seeking shelter through creative expression, offered to them by Via Kunst, the gallery run by Milan. Located in the city centre, near lijnbaan, this haven is a healthy distraction for those that are struggling to find the right path. For those that struggle to understand the system, that struggle to find stability in a seemingly unfair world and that struggle to break free of the perpetual sense of self-victimization they place upon themselves. Milan is trusted by the community. He has gone through many of the same problems that the members find themselves in. His background, combined with his patriarchal sense of duty, allow him to level and connect with every single member helping them, through art, to break free of their struggle.

The Via Kunst gallery works together with the Student Art Association, allowing students access to the studio and access to the community. Come summer, the two organizations will host an exhibition, showcasing the combined efforts of students and Via Kunst artists. To learn more about Milan, the community members and the student artists, read the blog, which will unravel their unique lives through storytelling and portrait photography.

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