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“Woken up by my neighbour, shaken out of my state of mindlessness; I had seen visions of ghosts, I was in a dire place. It was my darkest moment, but in that moment I had found glory, and I believe one day all of us will find glory; you will know when it comes as it will mark your memory and it will be a day worth remembering.

But no, I have never failed. I have won and I have lost, but I have never failed.” 


Machmud Saebu is a philosopher-warrior-poet that rides the stars of atomic substance abuse. Throughout his life he has uncovered the frailty that exists in our mind and throughout his life he has attempted to uncover the sensitivity that reasons our being. He was born too early, or too late for the society that houses him. He is misunderstood. His quest to uncover his heritage has lead him, along a mindful and somewhat disentangled path to the Via Kunst gallery where he designs and creates both masks and body armour. His soul dances to the rhythmic beating of the world but is forever one drum beat ahead. One beat ahead of the sound waves that vanish into the ever expanding universe, one beat ahead, simply trying to catch up to the world’s echo singing inside of his head.

He dreams of sharing his art with the community around him. When the stars align, he will set up shop distributing his art work to the people of Rotterdam, follow the blog to learn more about the life of the artists of Via Kunst and The Student Art Association.

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