The Student Art Association


SAA is a platform uniting Erasmus students who want to explore the arts and put their talent to work

Facilitating Art Creation

In collaboration with the local gallery Via Kunst, studio sessions will be organized to provide student artists with the time, space and resources they need.

Learning by doing

Workshops provided by expert guests will explore the different media and techniques available in order to develop new art-based skills.

Exploring the Art Scene

Group visits to exhibitions in Rotterdam and other Dutch cities will bring students into closer touch with the most contemporary works and topics.

Connecting students

Social activities create a community that promotes the sharing of knowledge, passion and personal development. Students with mutual art interests are brought together.

A message from Co-Founders Naomi Boterenbrood and Ludivine Berouard
SAA was founded by students for students.

We are two International Business Administration students at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam. Alongside our study, we are interested in and passionate about the arts, and are keen to be actively engaged in the art world as both art enthusiasts and artists. We wanted to establish an extracurricular platform on which we can pursue our artistic hobbies and interests with others who share our passion. SAA was thus created to cater to Erasmus students who likewise enjoy discovering, learning about, discussing and creating art. We want to enrich the student experience through SAA by nurturing students´ talents and interests, providing opportunities to discover Rotterdam (and other cities) through an artistic lens, and establishing a social network where students across different studies integrate and build relationships together.


President & Board Members
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anastasia tumchenok

Responsible for ensuring the alignment of board objectives and reciprocal support between the committees, and establishing partnerships.
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Naomi Boterenbrood

Legal Affairs
After 2 years of existence, SAA can now start the process of becoming legally recognized by Erasmus University. This position will make this dream possible!
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Laura van Straaten

Creative Director
Responsible for curating the blog, creating content for our various media channels and documenting the artistic landscape around through photography.
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Alina Schlesinger

Events Leader
Responsible for managing the Events Committee, partnerships with Rotterdam based institutions and coordinating committee activities with the board.
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Sarika Kale

Visual Arts Manager
Responsible for managing the Visual Arts Committee and the partnership with Via Kunst, organizing the Final Exhibition and coordinating committee activities with the board.

Our Committees

Active Members